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 Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.

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PostSubject: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:39 pm

Caine ' Nier ' Alexandrei

  • Caine Alexandrei
  • Under the alias of Nier

Nickname(s): Nier, often referred to as ' shorty '


  • 17
  • Real age unknown

Birthday: 22 February


  • Vampire


  • Earth
  • Fire


  • His fists (Abnormal Strength)
  • Deck of Playing Cards (Sharp-shooting)
  • Veritas

Limitations of Weapon(s):

  • Short arms. Sad times.
  • Limitation on playing cards as they obviously run out, they can be affected by wind if not thrown accurately and/or lacking power. The mount also jams every once in a while.
  • His metallic staff also jams when trying to be extended since its pretty old.

Explanation of Weapon:

  • The first's pretty much self explanatory, his fist, your face.
  • Literally having something up his sleeve, Caine has concocted a small wrist card mount which deals him sheets of thin metal. These metal look like any normal card deck and can be used for their normal purposes, risking the chance of you getting a large cut, of course. His wrist mount can only hold one deck at a time so it requires reloading frequently.
  • A Metal Staff passed down to him by his father who up till now had only actually been a display. In it's concealed mode, it is about 25 centimeters long. It has engravings of a rose pattern from either end of the staff. In the middle, there is a small button inside the middle when pressed extends from either side till its about 180 centimeters in length.

Physical Appearance:

  • Often mistaken for a girl , Caine was born to a family of mostly females. Unfortunately, these dominant female genes have rubbed off on Caine a little too much for his liking. Cursed with a thin, petite and feeble looking stature, Skin as pale as fresh milk which refuses to tan no matter how long he ventures outside and soft silvery-white tresses which fall just above his shoulders. Probably the only thing - other than the obviously obvious - that could probably tell 'him' apart from a 'her' would be his sharp, thin eyes. But even with that he still has quite long lashes. Behind stares bright cerulean orbs, with piercing black pupils, contrasting completely.

    Caine has a massive burn on one side of his face, after an unfortunate event from his past which in turn had turned him half blind. He refuses to cut his hair shorter in order to hide the burn.
  • Caine likes to wear Victorian era clothing, as he was bitten around the beginning of that time. He wears a long fallow colored coat on top of a vest and a rather flamboyant looking shirt. Underneath he wears tight fitting trousers tucked under long leather boots. He does wear normal, casual clothes but clothing of a gothic lolita sort appeal to him much more.
  • 5'3'', 139 lbs

General Attitude/Personality:

  • Caine, despite his feeble and dainty appearance is a very loud, rough and rowdy type of person. He has a very sharp tongue and isn't afraid of being up in your face if he is offended. He is headstrong, blunt and straight to the point with things. He doesn't understand the concept of 'love' as he thinks its a complete waste of time when you could be out busting heads in. He can be very insensitive and cruel, and can be very childish and stubborn if he doesn't get his way. He is hot-headed and easily annoyed by things, especially if someone comments on his height, feminine appearance etc. which will often end with his fist making sweet connection with your face. He is very proud and thinks highly of himself, he isn't the kind that would be strung along easily.

    But don't be fooled by all of this, deep down, there is a very shy and timid creature...
  • TL;DR, he's an uke.


  • Fighting
  • Gambling
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Blood c:
  • Fighting, again.
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Ducks and most cute things associated with them.


  • You, probably.
  • Sweet things
  • Bright, shiny things
  • Most Insects, they creep him out.
  • His family, for sending him to this place.

Bad Habits:

  • He gets into fights, A LOT.
  • He is a frequent smoker, and doesn't interact with others too well.
  • He is a perfectionist.


  • None right now, he'll probably like to kill his parents soon.


  • Insects, he really, really, reeeeaaaaaally does not like insects.

Mother/Father: Both alive, unfortunately. Both are vampires. His mother and father are brother and sister.

Siblings: Six sisters and a Cat named Felix.

London, England 1845
Blood stained screams filled the lamp lit room, as a young, raven haired woman gasped short and heavy breaths, her eyes closed tightly. Never in her life had she ever felt this much pain during labor. As a mother of six healthy girls, this must have been, by far the longest and hardest she has had. She screamed in pain every other second, nurses pinning her down onto the bed just in case she would preform something drastic to herself or the child.

The bed sheets tousled off the bed, the woman's toes digging deep into the soft mattress below her, clawing through it. How she wished that this nightmare would just end.

A pale hand reached out, gently caressing the woman's cheek, reassuring her that it will be all over soon. The woman forced a smile, looking up at her lover. The nurses huddled towards the end of the bed, with warm towels and water.

"The head! Its out madame!"

The man held tightly on his lovers hand, kissing it softly. He was thankful that this was now almost over, more than anything else he hated to see his love in pain.

"Keep pushing! Its almost out! Deep breaths!"

With a final push, the woman's vision blurred, fading into black. Leaving the conscious world behind. She could hear a faint sound of a crying baby in the background, but that warm grip refused to let go.

"C-congratulations! Its a baby boy!"

The man, blowing away the strands of hair from his love's face, let go slowly of her hand and stood up, a large smile on his face as he carefully picked up the wrapped little boy and cradled it in his his arms.
The baby cried louder, flailing its arms about.

"Beautiful...." A nurse said, smiling back at the boy "You are a lucky man Mr. Alexandrei"

He nodded, and looked deep into the babies eyes, he saw many great things from this boy.

"Caine... We shall name this boy Caine..."

Childhood, Growing up.

Growing up was something Caine would like to forget, if he had the chance to erase a memory of his past. He was often locked inside the study room with tutors of different kinds, his father wanted Caine to be successful in life and he feared that if he was exposed to the real world too soon he would be easily lead astray. Behind closed door's Caine would be taught mathematics, history, art, science, music all the sort. He envied the freedom his sisters had. Never once did he ever get the chance to step outside on his own accord, or play with his sisters outside in the sun. He was forced to stay indoors where he's parents thought it was safe. They wanted the best from him, they wanted him to be as powerful as his father and his father's father and all the great men before him.

Caine had no say in what he wanted to do most of the time. His sisters would sometimes help sneak him out to the town square but once they returned, they were greeted with lashes from their father, so eventually they stopped trying. If he were to choose between his sisters or parents, he would probably have chosen his siblings.


"There's no mistaking that the Alexandrei's never age..."

Maturing into a young adult, Caine had finally broken from his cocoon, reaching his teenage rebellion stages. Everything he had been meaning to do from when he was younger, who he was to become, had suddenly exploded in a spontaneous combustion. Sneaking out at night, getting into fights, talking back purposely failing examinations, he would simply not take no for an answer, much to his parents disapproval... But a noble family cannot tolerate such behavior.

Invited to a formal ball, Caine was forced into his cocoon once again. Pretty ladies everywhere, eying him. To be truthful, it made him sick. He wasn't sure why, but women had never appealed to him. At least... not in that way.

As the night ticked on, the sounds of violins and cello's had filled the ball room, and everyone were once again in a trance, dancing elegantly to and fro from one to another. A daughter of the baron who had helped arranged most of that nights activities had managed to somehow lead him far away from other batting eyelashes into a rather large guest room up stairs.

The next few remaining moments still remain hazy to Caine. He could only remember that sweet, sweet smell of blood. And the aching feeling of his fangs against the soft skin, biting into it and devouring the girl. It felt like ecstasy. That coppery taste of blood was forever etched into the inner corners of his mouth. He could feel her squirm under his tight grip, but, he felt lifeless and numb. Her screams had made their way to the hall, stopping everyone dead in their tracks. That sudden chill of fear crept behind each and every single person in the whole mansion.

After that, blank, completely blank. He could faintly pick out the large groups of women and men staring at them, their faces, mortified at the horrific scene before them.

"Wh-what is he?!" "A demon!" "Monster!" "Murderer!"


Caine was forced to go into hiding, unable to satisfy his constant cravings he was restrained, bound to the dungeons of his home. He was given a new alias and his appearance was changed drastically. His father went so far to even burning half his face. He was sealed under ground till his father saw fit. During this time he proclaimed that his son had gone insane and was "immediately taken care of" but even that did not stop the constant rumors. After hundreds of years Caine, now know as Nier, was one again awoken from his deep slumber, now aware of his capabilities.

Afraid that Caine would once again place malice on their family name, his father ultimately decided that it was best that he were to learn to control himself first before letting him back into the streets where innocent human roamed free. After being recommended, Caine was sent to a boarding school far from eyes of humans to a place where people like himself were to study.

Midnight Trinity

RP Example: The rain poured heavily, misting the windows, leaving them cold to the touch. With a quiet screech, the car stopped in front of great metal gates. He didn't understand why his parents were so keen to sending him to this place, it was pointless, frankly. He had already learned everything he needed to learn and he hated that fact that he was enrolled just a quarter way through the first semester. He rolled his eyes slowly and sighed, tilting his head back on his seat as he stared at the roof of the car. He was trying to pick who to kill first once he was finished with this place and how he was to kill them. Despite his love for his sisters, he knew they played a part in this too, so they were going to have to die as well.

"Fuck my life."

He sighed irritably, sitting up properly once again, crossing his legs together in a womanly fashion, leaning on his elbow. He tapped the side of his cheek twice the the metal gates began to slowly creak open, the car slowly entering through. The rain poured harder as the car made its way behind a tall monument of what seemed to be an angel in flight at the the very top. The place was pretty big, to be honest but much too quiet. He liked the sound of work and business around him, still and serene really wasn't his cup of tea. The chauffeur stopped and stepped out of the car, taking a large black umbrella with him. He came across towards Nier's door front and opened it, making sure that he was under the umbrella at all times as he stepped out.

Nier hated rain. Well, he hated a lot of things.

"Your family wishes you the best of luck," Seth smiled as he lead Nier towards the front entrance of the school.

"Well tell them..." Nier said as he gripped his luggage tighter , stepping inside the front doors "...To fuck them all to hell"


  • He sucks so bad. i have no idea what to do for him, i'm so sorry if this seems half-assed.
  • He was enrolled slightly after everyone else was.
  • He prefers old fashioned objects to modern day ones but he does know how to use them.
  • His color thingy is also Rosy Brown

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PostSubject: Re: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:07 am

I'm assuming you'll be filling in the rest at a later date?

Other then that, profile's looking good ^_^


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PostSubject: Re: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:54 am

Yup, i had to rush this last night. >A<
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PostSubject: Re: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:16 pm


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Headmaster Sakano

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PostSubject: Re: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:41 pm

Very nice ^^



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PostSubject: Re: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:25 pm

* Added:
  • Metalic Bō Staff
  • Second Element: Fire
  • Pictures of his weapons, since i can.

I decided to give him a proper melee weapon. Looks something like Yuki Cross's Artemis Staff, and has almost the same function as its able to extend from a small rod into a large staff. Also gave him a second element, i didn't realize you could have two. And pictures of these weapons.
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PostSubject: Re: Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.   

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Caine 'Nier' Alexandrei.
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